Hostgator Dedicated Webhosting

Hostgator is one of the most dedicated webhosting companies that have been in the webhosting industry for quite a while now. Due to the vast experience and exposure, HostGator Coupon Bayou has managed to create a niche as one of leading companies that provides ideal solutions for small and large enterprises. The company has put in place measures to ensure that it is able to provide maximum customization and installation features that enhance the overall website functionality.

Since the company’s inception, that is, in 2002, it has managed to gather numerous awards in terms of innovation and delivery of quality webhosting services. In spite of the past accolades, the company has been on a steady rise with the search of better and innovative approaches in service delivery. These approaches have made Hostgator to remain on the edge as a leading provider of webhosting services.

Some of the features that make Hostgator Coupons Bayou worth considering include the following. First, it gives the user an opportunity to tryout an array of tools that have the transformative capacity of growing the business. Some of these tools include site building tools that enhance the overall look of the website. In line with this, Hostgator ensures that the customer has the necessary tools to get a fully functional and running website with much ease. This has been achieved through a series of partnerships with other companies such as Weebly.

Since this webhosting service runs on a number of applications such as PHP, Linux, Apache and MySQL, it gives the user a rare opportunity to use thousands of compatible applications. As such, the user enjoys the dynamics and versatile nature that comes with the applications. Some of the applications include the following. WordPress hosting for the people who would like to start a blog or enhance an existing blog. Joomla Hosting, which is a very efficient customizable CMS that comes with a number of plugins that create room that, enhances increased website functionality. In addition, Magento Hosting is an application that promotes entrepreneurs who are engaging in E-commerce. Each of these applications among many others makes Hostgator to standout as a formidable force in the world of webhosting.

Among other features the user gets to enjoy affordable prices and extensive discounts. Furthermore, the webhosting company ensures that the customers enjoy impressive uptime on their website. The attractive customer panel is easy to use and learn, as such, it easy to use. One cannot talk about a dedicated webhosting company without noting the available support system. Hostgator Coupon Bayou has one of the most dedicated support teams. The team strives to remain professional when it comes to addressing some of the challenges that the customers face within the shortest time possible.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, Hostgator has a 45 day money back guarantee. This ensures that the company offers high level of quality and professional services to the customers. As such, it is possible to raise an issue when it comes to some of the online challenges that internet users often face from time to time.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Is it that time again? When you’re done creating your website, put in the time to code and design your website to your satisfaction, but you can’t decide which web host to use. I know there are many hosts advertising their services and you may even be tempted by one that was free; word of advise, don’t fall for it. It may seem like a good deal but free web hosts only use you for their benefit by placing their ads on your website. Instead, choose an affordable web host that is going to put your interest first.


Among the most popular hosts in the world include Hostgator and Dreamhost. Both have been in the business for over a decade and are very competitive because they both offer high quality services. For my money, though, I would prefer Hostgator over Dreamhost, here’s why:

1. Customer support: Hostgator provides 24 hour live chats and phone calls through a toll free number. The live chat enables you to communicate with a customer care agent in real-time, for free. Dreamhost charges for either of these services. To be able to contact customer service, you must get a ticket and wait in line, which could take up to 10 hours. Live chats and phone calls require that you pay a bit more, on top of your monthly fees.

2. Pricing: Although both web hosts allow you to pay monthly, Hostgator is more flexible. Instead of offering just one fixed price, you could choose from a variety of options. Currently, there is a special offer that allows you to host a website from as little as $2.48/mo. This would be a great way to kick start your website if you are new. The cheapest price for a basic website through Dreamhost would cost you $8.95/mo. This might be daunting if it is your first time.

3. Ecommerce: Both Dreamhost and Hostgator offer dedicated IP services for your website. A dedicated IP allows you to conduct business easier because you get an SSL certificate and your visitors could shop directly from your website without being redirected to another website. Dreamhost offer this service at $169/mo while Hostgator offers the same service at half that, $87/mo, that is what a good deal looks like.

4. Control panel: Hostgator uses cPanel, the most famous control panel because of its unrivalled features unlike Dreamhost who have created their own custom control panel. The control panel is the central control point that manages the graphics as well as other automation tools. cPanel has become recognized because it supports a wide variety of applications such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby on rails and many more. This allows greater flexibility by the user no matter which technology they use or device that tries to access the website.

5. Extras: Finally, if you’re still undecided, Hostgator offers a 45 day money-back guarantee, this is clearly a statement of trust. And although Dreamhost offers a 97 day money-back guarantee, I promise you won’t be needing it.

In the end, the choice of a web host remains to be yours although I would go for Hostgator because of the above reasons.